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Foto de Javier Alexander Watson Acevedo

Javier Alexander Watson Acevedo

Gestión de Calidad
El Marques, México Mx

Currículum Vítae de Javier Alexander Watson Acevedo especialista en Calidad experiencia en Gestión de Calidad. Dispones de mi experiencia laboral, mis estudios realizados y conocimientos adquiridos.

Carta de Presentación

I’m a professional on quality with more than 16 years of experience always on quality and always on automotive companies, I’m fluent on English and most of my experience as quality manager was with Tear 1 companies; I’m a 6 sigma green belt certified engineer with training on different companies one of them I attended the training on Dearborn MI, USA on the Ford Institute (Mahle Behr), also in Mexico another one for 2 weeks during my time working on Eaton.

My most recent experience was with a German Company Behr Hella Thermocontrol doing HVAC controls (assembly of PCBAs and mechanical plastic parts) for most of the OEMs and specially premium brands and their new plants in Mexico and USA (Ex. AUDI-Q5 San Jose Chiapa, Puebla, Mexico Plant, BMW-X5,X6 & X7 on Spartanburg, SC, USA Plant, also with great relation with QMTs and attending trainings & Q-days on the new BMW San Luis Potosi, Mexico Plant, also we launched on less than 2 years all that I mentioned plus many VW projects as MQB-Golf, Beetle, Jetta A7 on VW Mexico plant, 411-Passat, 416-Atlas on VW-Chattanooga plant, Also VW-Polo on Anchieta VW Brasil plant where I also attended Q-Day and have a great relation with BTVs from those plants, Also GM plants as D-Ham , Lansing, Spring-hill, Ramos-Mexico, Argentina…, also Daimler on Compas new Mexico plant & old Alabama’s and FCA on Windsor, Canada). Many of the projects that we launched on Mexico plant where a transference from a plant located on Wixom, MI, USA that we close down and brought to Mexico.

I’m IATF leader auditor and also VDA 6.3 certified by AIAG and VDA to each case, I certified the company on ISO/TS-16949:2009 also I have experience on VDA 1, 2, 6.1, 6.3, 6.5, also Coretools (SPC, MSA, PPAP, APQP, FMEA), I already mentioned 6 sigma green belt certified and as part of the short period of time to launch the plant in Mexico and all the projects we experienced many escalations with customers that I had to manage and de-escalate.

Right now I’m looking for new challenges; hope my information would be interesting for you.

Thank you so much in advance and please let me know if I have to complete or send something else in order to stay on this process.


J. Alexander Watson

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Ingeniera Indutrial Especialidad En Calidad Instituto Tecnologico De Queretero

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